Our Process

Level 3

Level One - Inventory all Items that remain in the Home and on the Property

It is incredibly important to be thorough and organized with our inventory process. Every item gets photographed and is sent to the client for first dibs on every item left on the property. 

Items that are not wanted by the client are then sorted into three categories: garbage, donation, and items with higher resale value. 

Level Two - Cleaning and Clearing


Once every item is in our inventory, we begin the cleaning and clearing process. 

The entire property is deep cleaned and cleared of all donation items and trash. 

Level Three - Estate Liquidation

Items that have resale value are researched and photographed.  These items will be listed on our Online Store and will be available for sale at the 2 day Estate Sale we host after the home repair is completed.  

Smaller items or items that are not feasible to ship are included in the Estate Sale. 

Once the property is cleared and cleaned, we begin

Donating (tax-deductible donation receipts)

Items that do not have significant resale value are donated. We keep an updated tax-deductible donation receipt that will be handed over when our services are complete.  

We do a thorough job of researching organizations in order to make the best impact from our donations.

  • Estates Sale


  • Estate Organization


  • Staging

    • "Staging" is a fairly new trend which perplexes those of us who value our own ability to imagine. Sadly, today's online home buyers decide if a property is worth seeing in person by how it presents online. 

    • Competition for attention online is ferocious so we stage rooms to minic magazine ads using trendy pieces that appeal to the target age group of our buyer pool. 

    • Click here for more information on our staging process.


  • Prepare House for Market


  • List Property for Sale



  • Items that can neither be sold or donated are removed from the house

  • We sort and donate those items that are still useable

  • We hold a two-day estate sale at the house, you keep 100% of the proceeds

  • Unsold items are donated and the house is completely cleared

  • We charge a flat rate with a written quote.  In some cases, partial payment may be made after the house is sold.

  • We sort all the paperwork left in the house by type

  • Unwanted paperwork is shredded

  • We create a tax record of all items being donated

  • We box up and donate items not likely to sell, but still useable

  • We sort high value items for sale and find the appropriate secondary market for them including eBay, coin or stamp collectors, galleries or consignment stores

  • We hold a private sale for dealers to view and purchase your items

  • We hold a two-day estate sale at the house

  • We place unsold items of higher value with consignment companies when appropriate and donate lower price items to completely clear house

  • Real estate pre-inspection

  • Quotes for repairs and ascetics upgrades

  • A licensed real estate professional determines market value

  • Paperwork left in the house is sorted and filed

  • Financial, insurance, real estate paperwork is scanned

  • Extra paperwork is shredded

  • Personal photos, films and memorabilia are carefully boxed up

  • Tax record of all items being donated is created

  • Digital photographic record of donations is made in case of audits

  • Useable items not likely to sell are donated

  • High value items separated from estate sale items

  • High value items are researched, photographed and inventoried

  • Secondary markets for high value items are determined

  • Private sales for dealers are facilitated

  • Two-day estate sale is held with extensive advertising

  • The house is cleared of excess items

  • Cleaning of entire house and grounds

  • Staging of house

  • Photography for marketing

  • House is put on the MLS for sale