Our Services

PrepareToSell.House is unique in that we offer full Estate Property Services under one roof.  

We only work on one property at a time, so you will have access to our full team until the home is listed for sale.  This ensures we are most efficient.  

We offer the following services: 
(Check out Our Process here for more detailed information)

1. Clearing and Sorting


First, we sort the items in the house preserving all photographs and special memorabilia in addition to paperwork that may prove important to settling estate issues.  In our first 6 years we were able to uncover over $450,000 of assets for our clients.


The cost for this first level of service is billed hourly at $150.00 per hour for three people.  The number of hours varies.  Some families have already removed these items and do not require this step at all.  Some houses have taken 30-40 hours.

2. Estate Liquidation


Second, we determine what has secondary market value and what needs to be donated. We hold a two-day Estate Sale for the items most suited to the general public.  This service is charged at a flat fee of $3,500.00 which includes our crew's labor cost to set up and work the sale and all advertising costs involved. We have a large database of preferred buyers who attend our sales.

Typically, high value, non-furniture items are not included in the estate sale.  These items warrant being put on our Online Store and propagated into other selling sites (we are a five-star seller on eBay) to reach the largest buying pool possible.  We charge $15.00 per item plus a 3% bank fee of the final selling price and shipping costs on each item.  The remainder of the money is sent to you once a month for three months.    

After 3 months if the item hasn’t sold after repeated discounting, we take it to consignment to sell or donate it if no market exists at any price.

This service is only offered to clients who also hire us to bring their house to market.

3. Property Repairs and Renovations

We will hire a seasoned, trustworthy Real Estate Broker to provide you with a Comparative Market Analysis on the property. 

The next step is to hire a licensed Real Property Inspector to determine any areas of deferred maintenance that would interfere with a successful closing of a sale.  If issues are present, we provide an estimate to you to correct them.

We suggest any simple renovations (painting, new flooring, new lighting) that would help you reach the top of the selling market.   

An estimate is given to you for labor and materials for all of our services.  Materials are billed to you at cost plus 10% Washington State Sales Tax.  Labor rates start at $40.00 an hour for painting, landscaping, installing flooring, roof repair, baseboard installing and lighting and $65.00 an hour for more skill intense work such as electrical and plumbing repairs.   If any work requires Specialty Licensing beyond our General Contracting License (we are bonded, licensed and insured of course) we provide you with a written quote for approval before having those repairs done. 

We send weekly invoices detailing what work was completed week to week with copies of the material receipts and any Sub-Contractor invoices (when applicable).

4. Marketing, Maintenance and Selling of the House


A flat rate that covers initial Marketing costs such as Staging, Photography, and Maintenance of the property while it is on the market is determined based on the length of time the property will be under our care.  This flat rate also includes our profit.

Instead of paying a 15 – 30% profit margin on each and every service you require to bring your home up to Full Market Value and to claim money on personal items liquidated you pay it once. 

In 2019 all our homes have become Redfin “Hot Homes” and sold in less than a week.  In 2017 and 2018, all our homes sold over ask price in less than a week except one (who listed way over the recommended range which is why we like to include Comparative Market Analysis for the properties).  Please see our Facebook page, client pictures, and reviews for more information.​