What a amazing experience! Super communication and very professional in every way. Christa went above and beyond to help me find the best shipping and worked with me from start to finish. I would highly recommend Christa and preparetosellhouse. Wether you are preparing to sell or you are a buyer.

-Dawn P.     October 2016 

5★  Facebook Review

Christa Tortorice and her company, is truly the perfect person for this job. When my mother died, I was essentially an adult orphan saddled with a house I loved, but which was cluttered and in disrepair. I couldn't afford to keep it, but the bank hadn't told me that yet. I was so upset about the state of affairs that I didn't want anyone to come into this sacred, personal space. Christa never pressured me after I expressed reluctance, but reassured me and checked on me with true concern as a person - and eventually I took the plunge. I'm so glad I did, although such things are very hard under the best of circumstances. Christa was the best circumstance, and that made all the difference.

Using her real estate experience, Christa quickly ascertained that the house needed to be sold based on my finances and personal goals, and she then agreed to pack all of my mother's fine things up lovingly and with discretion. She organized movers, called auction houses, arranged consignments and more. I should point out that they did all of this in a week - and I still don't know how that is possible given the half acre of overgrowth and almost 3,000 sq ft of personal property through which to sort.

Christa was with me until the house sold, and now I'm very happy to report that we remain friends. I truly believe it is impossible to go through something which leaves you as raw and naked as the death of a loved one and not need to trust the people who are around afterwards more so than usual. Hardworking, smart, and candid, Christa is one of those reliable people, and I'm glad to have hired her to clean out my family home and am even more glad, really, that is part of my life even after the realtor's signs are gone.

-Chris M.     October 2015

5  Yelp Review

Christa and her company, Prepare to Sell. house was the reason our house sold within a week of listing it... But the most important part was knowing that Christa was always looking out for our best interest, and not having to worry about a single thing. If you are looking for someone you can trust implicitly to prepare what is most likely your highest asset for sale, Christa and Prepare to Sell. house is the one you should turn to.

-Mika P.     August 2014

5  Facebook Review

I purchased a dinner set through Christa, with nothing but fantastic service! From the moment of purchase, Christa was in contact with me outlining shipping and delivery, but not only that, she was genuine in regards to the condition of the set. She has even stated to me that she will look out for more pieces for me! Great service and delivery was not even two days!

-Steve R.     November 2015

5  Facebook Review

I've used Preparetosell three times now to pack my belongings for moving. Christa did a quick and excellent job each time, saving me a lot of stress and energy. Boxes were labeled with items and room locations, and we discussed where items would be located in the new places to help with move-in and unpacking. 
Fragile items were packed with care and arrived safely, and all services were reasonably priced; would recommend to all my friends and family in the Seattle area!

-Chandler M.     July 2015

5  Yelp Review

My husband and I went to an estate sale that Christa put together at a house she had prepared to sell for the owner. She had the house staged so cute and in a "ready to sell" condition. There were items neatly arranged and categorized so it was convenient to shop the estate sale, too. We bought an expensive barbecue at the estate sale. We took it home and it didn't work. Christa gladly let us return it and refunded our money. She has integrity! She is professional and is just plain likable. Both my husband and I would highly recommend her.

-Julianne A.     March 2017

5  Facebook Review

We just moved to the area and purchased a home. We left a lot of our furniture in the east coast so we've been looking for some new unique pieces to furnish our new house. Christa was able to help us pick some beautiful pieces that would really work well with the style of our home. We couldn't be happier with the pieces that we've purchased. Would high recommend this company if your getting ready to sell your home or need some help getting your new home furnished. Christa has great taste and you'll be happy that you have her to help you with the process!!

-Shannon F.     November 2014

5  Yelp Review

When my father-in-law passed away unexpectedly, we had no idea what we were going to do. We live over 2000 miles away, and were left with the daunting task of handling his affairs, and getting his home ready for sale. Christa's service was recommended by one of the neighbors, and we could not have been more pleased. The service is all-emcompassing, and handled everything to do with the house, A to Z. We would not hesitate to recommend or hire her again!

-Nikki B.     April 2017

5  Facebook Review